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​Why Youtube Live Streaming?

These Were My Biggest Mistakes...

​Time Management...

I spent so much time trying to shoot and edit amazing vlogs, and I WASN'T good at it! It wasn't until live streaming that I was able to cut out the time it takes to shoot and edit and finely free up my schedule to spend more time with my family and local community.

The Wrong Equipment

My system for Youtube Live is one I had to spend a lot of time putting together. I spent money on equipment that didn't work, was too expensive, or was inefficient. Now that I have the blueprint, I've put together a low, medium, and high budget options for the students that begin the "Master Youtube Live" course.

No Audience and No Growth!

One of the biggest mistakes I made in the first half of my 1,000+ uploads on YouTube, is that I didn't understand the algorithm, how to keep the viewers attention, and how to consistently find video topics that will grow my audience and viewer base. In the "Master Youtube Live" course, you will learn all the micro nuances and macro ideas that will propel your channel into consistent monthly growth.


If you are an entrepreneur, creative, or industry expert and you want to:

  • Learn the fastest way to predictably grow your Youtube audience
  • Quickly and efficiently monetize your platform
  • Master Youtube live streaming and be an early adapter to the live platform
  • Create content that fulfills your purpose and has real impact in the lives of your viewers....


  • Having to be an amazing filmmaker
  • Learning to edit videos.
  • Spending tons of time creating 1 video…

Then this course may be for you.

I Created this System Because...


I created this system because I am a full-time entrepreneur, dad, husband, and active member in my church community and I found that I didn’t have the time to try to live up to the standards of some of these amazing Youtube vloggers out there.

I am DEFINITELY not a filmmaker, I HATE editing, and I was feeling burnt spending hours upon hours creating one video.

Over a few months, I started live streaming. I started tweaking my setup and playing around with a TON of different strategies to see what effectively touches the Youtube algorithm.


After Months of Testing, I Landed on the Perfect Formula:

  • High quality and valuable content...
  • Extremely high QUANTITY of videos...
  • And a system to get it all done in less than a couple hours a day...

If you have something to say, and you are an expert of any kind, this is the best way to get your message out and to build your platform. This is the system I recommend to my closest friends, creative community, and other larger Youtubers looking for another way of creating content.

Check Out These Testimonials


Ruslan's Youtube system has absolutely changed the way I approach Youtube ministry...

Jason Mayfield


In the last 30 days, I've got 38,000 minutes watched, my average view duration is about 6 minutes, and we peaked over 1,000 subscribers a couple of weeks ago as well...

Pastor Roy Dockery



 Ok, so what equipment must you have on hand or be willing to buy to participate in this course? Here are the largest costs:

Have a well functioning computer (Mac or PC) that can perform above average tasks such as streaming or light video editing. 

(8gb+ RAM Memory)

Have a DSLR or mirrorless camera that has "clean HDMI out" capabilities.

Any USB, XLR, or direct into camera microphone will work. 

Any daylight balanced video light will work.

Master Youtube Live

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